Structural Systems:
R128 House


Fall, 2018


The R128 house is a small residence located in Stuttgart, Germany. The house stands beside a steep hill, its top floor matching the level of the hill. One enters the home from above across a light steel bridge that extends from the landscape. The building was designed by Werner Sobek at the turn of the century. The shape of the building was dictated by a want for simplicity. This resulted in the clean lines of a cube, which allows optimum utilization of the existing surface area and for prefabrication of modules and the standardization of components. The structural frame of the house consists of a bolted steel skeleton with four floors. This system minimizes the weight of the structure. The bolted steel system rests on a grid of 12 columns.The columns and beams were bolted together on site.

Built with Gracie Meek and Joseph McGranahan for
ARCH 2613: Structural Systems.